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    Control Techniques is a leading supplier of variable speed drive technology to the elevator industry, with over 3 million elevators in operation with our control equipment worldwide. Backed by our global network of Automation Centers we provide local expertise and support, along with quick delivery of robust and dependable products.

    Rapid set-up and adjustment

    • Simple and intuitive parameter adjustment via a bright back-lit LCD keypad
    • Set-up in familiar elevator language and units
    • Easy to use menu structure for quick and simple access to key adjustments
    • Top level menu; all your frequently needed functions in one location
    • Stationary autotune provides encoder phasing test without the need to de-rope the system or to open the motor brakes


    Optimum ride comfort

    • Direct-to-floor positioning
    • Peak curve operation
    • High resolution multi-step S-ramp for start, run, slowdown and stopping
    • Ultra-fast current loop for vibration free motor control
    • Advanced brake control management, no rollback on starting without the need of load sensor


    Silent operation

    • EN81-20 / EN81-50 TÜV certified STO enable input removes the need for both output motor contactors
    • High switching frequencies selectable up to 16 kHz
    • Variable speed cooling fan


    Energy efficient

    • Standby sleep/wake mode, powers down unused circuitry during prolonged periods of standby
    • Easy connection to a range of regenerative modules


    Flexible integration

    • Modbus RTU communications
    • Parallel I/O interface
    • +/- 10V analog reference control
    • Direct RS485 comms control
    • DCP3 and DCP4 communication support with optional System Integration module
    • CANopen communication support with optional System Integration module
    • Tile mount for low profile shaft mounting
    • 24 Vdc backup
    • Simple UPS connection with load direction signal
    • Dynamic braking transistor fitted to all drives as standard



    • Active thermal management for tripless operation under extreme conditions
    • Advanced power circuit design using latest IGBT technology
    • Conformal coating for use in harsh environments
    • Phase loss detection on both input and output


    Enhanced elevator data logger

    • User configurable, for example speed reference, speed feedback, current and I/O sequence can all be recorded for every car journey
    • Can be stored in the event of system fault
    • Available for offline viewing to aid system diagnostics