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Model: CIMR-JT2A0010BAAThe J1000 series, manufactured by Yaskawa, is a series of compact variable speed drives. CIMR-JC2A0010BAA is a inverter from the J1000 series. The CIMR-JC2A0010BAA is a 1.5kW, 8A, 200…240V AC variable speed drive and is suitable for a variety of applications. Northern Industrial supply the whole J1000 family, including the CIMR-JC2A0010BAA. SIMPLE TO INSTALL, EASY TO SERVICE Thanks to the split cover on the J1000 AC drives, including the CIMR-JC2A0010BAA, the user can reach the power and control terminals extremely quickly and easily. Easy maintenance and installation is further enhanced by the detachable terminal board. The variable speed drive’s fans are also detachable making them extremely easy to replace. For added support when commissioning or maintaining the drive, the Windows based DriveWizard Industrial software allows you to operate the drive, change parameters, upload/download parameters and monitor them. You can also view data on the status of the drive and help troubleshoot it. . There are also built in help menus and a variety of additional features. FEATURES OF THE CIMR-JC2A0010BAA This general purpose variable speed drive has low motor noise and a high starting torque. The CIMRJC2A0010BAA has v/f control making it suitable for the majority of general applications.Copy function for convenient parameter storage and recall via remote LED operator or copy unit Digital operator interface for easy and quick configuration Speed search function for automatic restart after power loss Compact space saving design with side by side mounting Dynamic braking transistor RoHS complaint Dual rating: normal and heavy duty Swing PWM function to decrease noise at lower carrier frequencies Pre-maintenance functionWe’re here to help. Our multi-lingual team search high and low to always find the solution you need to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible. Receive a quote now by filling in the form below. Hotline :  0938 416 567 (Mr. Bụi) – Zalo. ViberEmail:  Buinvt@gmail.comSkype: nguyenvantrucbui