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EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN Like other Yaskawa inverter drives, the CIMR-VC4A0002BAA 0.37kW variable frequency drive from the V1000 series features a split cover to allow you easy access to the power and control terminals. This makes the drive really easy to install and maintain, with a power terminal compartment that easily accommodates bend radius for cable connections. The control wires are also connected to a removable terminal board to further increase the simplicity of installation and maintenance. The cooling fans can also be replaced with minimal fuss thanks to their detachable design. On/off fan control can significantly extend operating life. The V1000 series also shares the same intuitive software support tool as the A1000 which also helps configure the AC drive more easily. DRIVEWORKS SOFTWARE DriveWorksEZ is a flexible software package that can be used with the V1000 and A1000 series. It enables you to adapt the variable frequency drive more closely to your machine or process. With this software you eliminate the need for a programmable controller (PLC) whilst adapting your kwkW drive in a quick and cost-effective way. The graphical programming environment makes programming the V1000 {part num} drives simple. Users can create application programs by arranging functions blocks in a visual flowchart. SOFTWARE FEATURES COMMUNICATIONS The array of communication options make the V1000 an ideal choice for many machine designs. Networks supported include DeviceNet, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus-DP, EtherNet/IP and Mechatrolink-II. EASY AND FLEXIBLE The software is easy to use, intuitive and is flexible thanks to its wide variety of function blocks that the user can choose from. Users can create application programs in as little as a few minutes. FAST EXECUTION TIME The software has a fast execution time which guarantees maximum performance for every application. It allows for more precise operation over a greater operating range. EASY TROUBLESHOOTING Online monitoring makes it easy to debug and troubleshoot an application program. Each function block’s status is constantly updated. PID CONTROL A comprehensive PID control function block is included in the DriveWorksEZ software for machine processes.OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES FOR THE CIMR-VC4A0002BAA You can enhance your VFD or further match it to your application with the selection of options:Remote digital operator kit Input circuit breaker/disconnect Input fuses 120VAC interface NEMA 1,12 or 3R enclosures Line/load reactors Dynamic braking resistors and modules EMC-complaint filters DC bus choke