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    The MP3300 machine controller in the MP3000 series, which is the successor to the MP2000 series, enables the industry’s fastest synchronous scanning. By using it in combination with the Σ-7 series of AC servo drives, our customers can make the best use of systems with motion control offering a whole new range of exciting possibilities.

    Enhanced control performance

    The MP3300 delivers high-speed and high-level performances, and expands program capacity. The MP3300 is also capable of high-speed, synchronized communication with MECHATROLINK-III compatible Servo Drives and AC Drives.

    Improved CPU performance

    *:    Ladder operation speed where the scan time of the MP2300S/MP2310=100


    Expanded program capacity

    • Number of drawings
    Number of drawingsMP2000 seriesMP3300/
    For high-speed scan200 drawings1000 drawings
    For low-speed scan500 drawings2000 drawings
    For user function500 drawings2000 drawings

    Double-precision real-number, 64-bit integer data for higher precision

    • Dicer

    • Dispenser

    Fastest transmission cycle: 125 μs (4 stations)

    The MECHATROLINK-III motion network, which is among the fastest in the industry, is provided with the main unit CPU of the MP3200 as a standard option. The smoother motion control results in higher levels of precision.

    100 Mbps
    Transmission Cycles
    (Number of Connected Stations)
    125 μs (4 stations)
    500 μs (14 stations)
    250 μs (8 stations)
    1.0 ms (16 stations)*

    *:    The maximum number of stations, including I/O, is 21.


    Improved ease of use

    Instead of opening an adjustment screen for each axis, adjustments of multi axes can be performed on just the one screen, dramatically reducing the setup time.


    Improved maintainability

    The CPU unit itself is equipped with a USB port for data storage purposes as a standard feature. This makes easy work of system version updating and backup, as well as the import and export of large volumes of data. Moreover, the data logging function makes it possible to save the operational statuses of a system in the internal RAM or a USB memory. The logging data can then be easily accessed from a host system in a remote location. This results in the ability to obtain large volumes of data, including system operational statuses, and significantly improves traceability on the production floor.

    Functions for loading and saving programs and data

    Operations can be performed using the DIP switches on the CPU unit body. Even in places where a PC cannot be brought in, you can update the versions of the equipment and back up the data on-site with ease.


    Data logging function

    Settings can be selected for the conditions under which the logs are output. The logging data is saved only if the values of the specified registers fail to meet the output conditions. This enables a rapid response when trouble occurs.


    File transfer function

    By transferring the system’s operation data (logging data and register data) at the specified synchronization, large volumes of operation data can be acquired with no fear that the data may be unexpectedly damaged. As a result, the traceability at the production site is vastly improved.



    Complete compatibility with the MP2000 series

    Compatibility means that customers can use the many different optional modules that have been available for use with the MP2000 series. It also means that they can directly use the program applications of the MP2000 series without makinge any changes. As a result, the transition from the MP2000 to the MP3300 is smooth, enabling improvements in the performance and functions of the customers’ systems to easily be achieved.


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