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    Biến tần V&T 1.5KW 220VAC, FWI-FI71-20D0110

    Technical specifications

    Table 1-3  General technical specifications

    Input PowerInput Voltage Uin200V(−10%)~240V(+10%)   1/3PH

    380V(−10%)~480V(+10%)   3PH

    Input Frequency48Hz~62Hz
    Maximum Supply Imbalance≤3%
    Power OutputOutput Voltage0V~Uin
    Output Frequency0Hz~300Hz
    Main Performance FunctionVoltage ControlV/F, Open loop Vector Control
    Switching Frequency1kHz~15kHz
    Adjust Speed rangeOpen loop vector -1:100, V/F mode -1:50
    Start Torque0.5Hz: 100% rated torque, 1Hz: 150% rated torque
    Torque Accuracy7%
    Torque ripple≤2%
    Speed accuracy≤1%n (Under the rated operating conditions)
    Reference ResolutionDigit- 0.01Hz, Analogue- 0.1%×Max. frequency
    Accel. & Decel. Rate0.1s~3600s
    Voltage Boost0.1%~30.0%
    Overload150% rated output current, 1 minute
    V/F4 types: V/F (user can program) and ramp (2.0 power, 1.7 power, 1.2 power)
    DC BrakingInjection frequency: 0.0%~20.0% Max. frequency

    Injection current: 0.0%~300.0% rated current

    Injection time: 0.0s~60.0s

    Dynamic BrakingBrake rate: 0.0%~100.0%
    JogJog frequency: 0.00Hz~50.00Hz

    Jog interval time: 0.1s~60.0s

    Preset4 speeds (decided by control terminals)
    AVRMaintain the rated output voltage when the input power supply voltage changed.
    Special Performance FunctionInternal PIDEasy to form a closed-loop control system
    Control TerminalReference SourceDigit: display panel, motorized pot (E-Pot), PID, comms.
    Analogue: AI: 0V~10V, 0(4)mA~20mA, keypad potentiometer
    Operation ModeKeypad, control terminals, serial comms.
    Digital Input TerminalsDI1~DI4: programmable terminals
    Analogue Input TerminalAI: programmable terminal, 0V~10V, 0(4)mA~20mA, can be used as digital input terminal by programming
    Analogue Output TerminalAO: programmable terminal, 0V~10V, can be used as digital output terminal by programming
    Status Relay1 programmable relay, contactor data:




    Comms.ConnectorsTerminals A, B
    ProtocolModbus RTU
    EnvironmentAltitude1000m rated

    1000m~3000m,1% rated current derating per 100m

    Operating Temperature-10°C~+40°C
    Max. Humidity≤90%RH, no-condensing
    Storage Temperature−40°C~+70°C
    Running EnvironmentIndoor, non-flammable, no corrosive gasses, no contamination with electrically conductive material, avoid dust which may restrict the fan
    ProtectionOutput shortage, over current, over load, over voltage, under Voltage, phase loss, over heat (heatsink and junction), external trip, etc.
    Mounting MethodSurface mounting, DIN rail
    EnclosureIP00, IP20 (by adding optional device)
    Cooling Method0.4kW model is nature cool, others are forced air cool