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Model: CIMR-VT4A0038FAAPart of the V1000 series, the CIMR-VT4A0038FAA is a 15kW, 31A, 380…480V AC micro variable frequency drive. It is suitable for an array of general purpose applications. Yaskawa drives are known as some of the most reliable inverters on the market. CIMR-VT4A0038FAA FEATURES This 15kW variable frequency drive is a high performance microdrive. Low motor noise and a high starting torque are just two of the benefits of the CIMR-VT4A0038FAA, you can see more features below:Vector control without feedback, which provides excellent starting torque and performance PID function with loss of feedback for process control without additional hardware Easy and convenient parameter upload and download with copy keypad function Removable terminal block Parameter back up function All major industrial networks supported with communication options Dynamic braking transistor as standard Compact design and side by side mounting Safe torque off function Permanent magnet synchronous motor operation Dual CPU for fast 2ms scan rate Application presets Swing PWM function decreases noise at low carrier frequencies RoHS complaintINPUTS AND OUTPUTS The CIMR-VT4A0038FAA VSD has a number of inputs and outputs, including relay outputs, digital/analog input outputs and pulse input outputs. The type of inputs and outputs the CIMR-VT4A0038FAA has are as follows: 6 Multifuction Digital inputs 2 Analogue inputs 0 Multifunction Digital outputs {noanalogouputs} Analogue outputs 1 Relay outputs 0 PTC/KTY input 1 Pulse input 1 Pulse outputWe’re here to help. Our multi-lingual team search high and low to always find the solution you need to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible. Receive a quote now by filling in the form below.Hotline :  0938 416 567 (Mr. Bụi) – Zalo. ViberEmail:  Buinvt@gmail.comSkype: nguyenvantrucbui